Virginia Recognizes Quarries for Safety and Reclamation

Virginia’s mineral-mining industry recognized mining operations for an exemplary safety record and for outstanding reclamation of mined land during 2017. The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) and the Virginia Transportation and Construction Alliance (VTCA) award mines and miners annually for outstanding work in these areas. 

“Safety is our first priority at DMME and for the companies operating in the Commonwealth,” said DMME’s Director of Mineral Mining Phil Skorupa. “Our efforts combined with the VTCA, and the safety culture instilled at each of these mines works. Mine operators and employees deserve recognition for working safely and returning home safely every day without injury.” 

In 2017, Virginia’s mines employed 3,841 production employees and 5,427 contract employees. Production employees worked 6,851,699 hours and contract employees worked 741,809 hours producing 68,939,408 tons. During 2017, 307 mineral mines in Virginia worked without having a lost-time accident.  

The Mine Safety Program is recognizing the top eight mines for their safety records in 2018 having worked with zero accidents and the highest number of production hours in their category for the year without a lost-time accident. The eight mines worked for a total of 777,917 hours.

Top winners in each Quarry category included:

  • Chantilly Crushed Stone Inc., Chantilly Quarry, Loudoun County, 123,450 hours.
  • Vulcan Construction Materials LLC, Graham Quarry, Fairfax County, 73,302 hours.
  • Pounding Mill Quarry Group, Bluefield Quarry, Tazwell County, 47,718 hours.
  • BWI Abingdon LLC, Abingdon Quarry, Washington County, 22,722 hours.

Top winners in the Open Pit category included:

  • Nestle Purina Petcare, Nestler Purina Mine, King William County, 471,207 hours.
  • Luck Stone Corp., Caroline Sandand Gravel, Caroline County, 25,618 hours. 
  • King William Sandand Gravel Inc., King William Mine, King William County, 9,426 hours.
  • Old River Land Company LLC, New Kent # 1 Mine, 4,474 hours.

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