Van Tongeren System Classifies Aggregates Without Water

PTP VanTongeren

Process equipment manufacturer Van Tongeren America, Lebanon, Pa., has unveiled a Gravitational-Inertial Classifier (GIC) system that automatically separates dry materials without using water.

Developed to replace the traditional wet separation process that often consumes millions of gallons of water daily with a dry process that needs no water, the pneumatic air classifier system harnesses gravitational, inertial, centrifugal and aerodynamic forces at the same time to separate particles at any cut point from 300 μm to 63 μm (50 to 230 mesh).

The proprietary, heart-shaped GIC design passes a current of air through a curtain of falling material then directs each particle towards a series of vanes where coarse particles are discharged and entrained fine particles are recirculated in an eddy current until discharged and captured by a dust collector.

Ideal for classifying manufactured sand, frac sand, crushed stone, cement, salt, lime, soda ash and a variety of aggregates and minerals, the Gravitational-Inertial Classifier system is designed with no moving parts for dependable service and nearly zero maintenance in unattended, 24/7 operation.

Proven in multiple installations, the novel air classifying system has reduced operating costs, streamlined operations and eliminated the need for settling ponds, in addition to saving water.

Van Tongeren America,

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