Hangar, DroneBase Partner on Data Capture Program

Hangar Technology, the world’s first end-to-end platform for 4DVisual Insights, and DroneBase, the largest global drone operations company, announced a partnership that will leverage DroneBase’s global API and Pilot Network to scale Hangar’s technology nationally and provide enterprises with a reliable alternative to adopting an internal drone program.

“Drones provide enterprises across industries with integral data to make real-time decisions about their most critical assets,” said Dan Burton, CEO and founder of DroneBase. “With Hangar’s structured data, drone imagery becomes more than just photography. Combined with the speed and scale of DroneBase’s Pilot Network and API, this technology has the power to scale drone insights quickly and reliably.”

This partnership allows enterprises to routinely digitize their projects without the need of building an internal drone program or investing in technology to manage raw imagery. Stakeholders simply request a location to monitor and then select the desired insight types and capture frequency. Hangar and DroneBase capture the data, convert the imagery to the requested specs, and deliver the insights in as little as 48 hours.

“We enable companies to capture drone insights without investing in the drone, pilot, training or hassle. We make it simple,” said Chris Haines, director of operations at Hangar. “Our platform automates the end-to-end process, from request to insights. With the scale and reliability of DroneBase’s global Pilot Network, we’re able to bring the technology almost anywhere, at the click of a button.”

This partnership provides the construction, infrastructure, telecom and energy industries with an additional layer of operational efficiency. For example, construction companies often run into problems such as safety violations or a simple oversight that require contractors to address the issue. 

However, often these minor errors and miscalculations go unnoticed and develop into major problems or even legal disputes. Hangar allows for project managers to manage worksites from the start and helps to pinpoint the source of an issue. In turn, this ensures construction teams avoid delays and added costs, enhances safety for workers and mitigates risks.

The partnership between Hangar and DroneBase is available to enterprises through https://hangar.com/jobsight/dronebase.

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