Drones and Aggregates Operations

RR090718 InterDrone ii

Sept. 6, 2018 – At this year’s InterDrone show in Las Vegas, aggregates operations are in the spotlight. Industry experts on a panel discussed how data from drones is being used; how aggregates plants can optimize this data; and how plants are doing it. Rather than just capturing data, they’re seeing the data being used for accounting purposes to help drive profitability. Using drones for site planning is lagging way behind inventory management, the experts maintained. According to Jesse Stepler, from Measure – the Drone as a Service Company, how drones will interface with other robotics at plants is a question for the future. How far away are we from being able to use drones for monitoring performance of fixed assets at plants like crushers, screens, conveyors, etc.? Very realistic potential, according to Shaun Macintosh, solutions engineer at Propeller Aero.










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