Kalenborn Abresist Offers Abrasion Protection With Hard Overlay Plates

Kalmetall W hard overlay welded plates from Kalenborn Abresist protect against abrasion, impact and high temperatures. Combining a strong steel base and a hard overlay welded chromium carbide protective layer, Kalmetall suits many applications including screw conveyors, ventilator housings, cyclones and separators, mixer linings, piping components, screens, troughs and transport channels.

Kalmetall is also used in piping applications and complete wear protected structures and assemblies. Standard Kalmetall plates are manufactured from 48- x 96-in. to 60- x 120-in. and can be installed into existing steel structures or newly fabricated equipment.

Kalenborn Abresist is a leader in the design and supply of wear solutions for a wide range of industries utilizing various mineral and metallic solutions.  The company’s wear and abrasion resistant linings and coatings reduce downtime and maintenance and are marketed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

The field service team at Kalenborn Abresist provides customer support and on-site field service for wear resistant and abrasion resistant linings, corrosion control coatings, steel fabrication services and pipe installation.

Kalenborn Abresist, www.abresist.com

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