Concrete Benefits of Building a Concrete Home

How can homeowners move from a small, one-bedroom apartment to a two-story, 1,940-sq.-ft. home and save 30 percent on their monthly electric and gas bills? Ed and Meg Faichtyger did just that by using precast concrete panels for the foundation and exterior walls of their environmentally responsible home in Franklin Township, N.J.

“Our concrete home is amazingly energy efficient and quiet,” said Ed Faichyger. “These walls are solid, so there’s no air or noise infiltration.

“When we were pricing the building costs of wood and concrete homes, there was surprisingly little difference. We anticipate the long-term benefits will be incredible. We’ll never have to worry about water gathering underneath exterior stucco and causing the wood walls to rot. And, the concrete is fireproof, so our homeowners insurance is very low.”

The Faichtygers did their research to find Xi Walls and the Prespan flooring system from Northeast Precast. Their selection of the Superior Walls products are custom made with insulation to help create a dry, comfortable living space. The precast concrete structure was installed in just two working days.

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