McLanahan Offers Wobbler Feeder

PTP Wobbler

McLanahan’s Universal Wobbler Feeder provides two functions:

• Feeding oversized material at a controlled rate.
• Scalping out the fines from feed material.

This is accomplished by football-shaped elliptical bars, timed with a continuous triple strand roller chain drive and timed bar sprockets to tumble and move the loaded material along the bars until it is discharged off the feeder.

Each bar maintains a constant gap allowing the fines to pass through the bar gaps and discharge the undersized scalped material below. Each elliptical bar is timed 90 degrees apart, with one bar tip up and the next bar rotated with the tip in a horizontal position.

All bars rotate at the same rate of speed. Wobbler Feeders are self-cleaning, can handle wet, sticky material and are very good with clay.

McLanahan manufactures four Wobbler Feeder models, each with different standard widths and number of bar combinations. Each Wobbler is custom designed to meet a wide range of tonnage and application requirements. Designed to scalp material from ½- to 7-1/2-in. lump size and tonnage up to 2,500 tph.


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