Phoenix Belt-Monitoring Systems Use Latest Technology

Conveyor-belting manufacturer Phoenix, believes that growth in the mining industry is a great opportunity for the conveyor belt market in 2018.

“Our biggest challenge this year is being able to meet the increasing demand from the mining industry,” said Bret Hall, head of Phoenix and NBS Service-North America. “And with a focus on products, services and solutions, we believe Phoenix conveyor belting is positioned to supply all the tools to solve our customers’ needs.”

Included in Phoenix’s portfolio of conveyor belt solutions are the Phoenocare belt-monitoring products and services which were displayed at this year’s SME Show.

“The Phoenix belt scanning service offerings give mines the ability to get a snapshot of their current conveyor belt’s condition by detecting and quantifying cord damage, splice integrity and cover wear,” said Hall. “When conveyor belt related defects are detected and proactively addressed, a significant increase in the conveyor belt operational life can be achieved. This has the benefit of reducing the cost per ton of moving the material by both decreasing downtime and increasing the amount of ore processed before a belt change is required.”

Phoenix offers three premium permanent belt-monitoring systems under the Phoenocare brand – Cord Guard XD, Cord Guard and Sensor Guard. The scan services offered are Cover Monitor, Wear Monitor and Cord Guard Monitor. Phoenix also offers one-for-all Phoenoguard PX system with a complete range of capabilities that includes both carcass and cover monitoring technologies. Phoenoguard PX allows the user to detect and monitor everything from incremental damage to belt surface covers up to potentially catastrophic damage due to pending splice failure or belt penetration by foreign material.

“We emphasize these products because we believe that they are clear examples of our commitment to not only delivering the belts, but helping the customer maintain them and extend the usability of their systems,” said Hall.


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