MSHA Issues Close Call Accident Alert

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) issued a new Close Call Accident Alert. On March 13, a front-end loader operator was constructing an embankment to detour material away from the water supply. While backing up, the front-end loader backed over top of the roadway berm, slid down the embankment and rolled onto its roof.

The front-end loader operator unfastened his seat belt and exited the front end loader through the right side door window, which broke when the machine overturned.

MSHA recommends the following Best Practices to avoid this type of accident.

  • Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Maintain control of mobile equipment by traveling safe speeds and not overloading equipment.
  • The size and weight of front end loaders, combined with the limited visibility from the cab, makes the job of backing a front end loader potentially hazardous. To prevent a mishap
  • Load the bucket evenly and avoid overloading (refer to the load limits in the operating manual). Keep the bucket low when operating on hills.
  • Construct berms or other restraints of adequate height and strength to prevent overtravel and warn operators of hazardous areas.
  • Ensure that objects inside of the cab are secured so they don’t become airborne during an accident.

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