Titan Tires Keep Your Equipment Moving

PTP Titan STL3

Titan tires help equipment take on some of the most challenging applications – including farming, construction, mining and forestry.

Titan STL3
The Titan STL3 off-the-road tire is the premier radial tire for wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks. Featuring an E-3/L-3 non-directional tread pattern and center-riding rib, the STL3 provides excellent traction, a smooth ride and a long life. Its full-width shoulder lug provides lateral stability. Available in cut-resistant and wear-resistant compounds, it is suitable for the toughest aggregate conditions.

Titan ACT Wheel
The Accelerated Change Technology (ACT) wheel is an industry-leading innovation that helps give mines the uptime that’s critical to their success. It can reduce tire maintenance time by up to 50 percent by eliminating the need for the outside wheel to be removed when changing or rotating the inner tire.

All the bolts stay on and there’s no need to torque the wheel – whereas a standard wheel requires removing both the inner and outer wheels and re-torqueing. The ACT wheel is available in 33-, 35- and 49-in. wheels, featuring single-piece lock rings in addition to the 51-, 57- and 63-in. sizes. Designed to fit any rigid dump truck, it is compatible with any brand of off-the-road tires, including Titan tires.

Titan, www.titan-intl.com

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