Rock Blasting and Overbreak Control Seminar Offered

“Are you working in rock blasting? Are you interested in achieving more economic blasting practices; improved fragmentation and muckpile shape; reduced ground vibration and air overpressure; and keeping management happy?

The Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology is currently registering participants for its spring offering of the Rock Blasting and Overbreak Control Seminar, taking place April 30 to May 2 in Montville, Ohio. This seminar has helped hundreds of students quickly learn the art and science of blasting to immediately make an impact at their blasting operation. Just ask previous students, who have been so excited about the new material learned that they have called in changes to their blasting program that have resulted in savings upwards of $1,000 per blast while they were still at the Academy. This course is a practical course that takes the theory and simplifies it down into a systematic, easy to understand approach to blast design.

This course is taught by Dr. Calvin J. Konya, a world expert in explosives and rock blasting. Dr. Konya has worked as a consultant for thousands of surface operations and hundreds of underground projects using the same methods he teaches to design and optimize blasts. He is the current president of Precision Blasting Services (a rock blasting consulting firm) and the director for the Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology. Dr. Konya is a retired professor from West Virginia University and a retired department chair from Ohio State University. He has published more than 150 technical publications on blasting, was the founder, first president and first executive director of the International Society of Explosive Engineers, and has developed his own line of emulsion products and manufacturing systems that are used around the world. Finally, he is the author of the “Rock Blasting and Overbreak Control” manual; has worked on dozens of large DOT blasting projects; and is currently the main consultant for most of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers blasting contracts.

This course begins at a basic level and discusses modern thought about rock breakage, and commercial explosives in today’s industry, then quickly dives into initiation systems, priming and boostering, surface blast design and overbreak control such as the new Precision Presplitting Methods.

This course also discusses the environmental effects of blasting such as air overpressure, flyrock and ground vibration. This course is perfect for beginners looking to 1) understand what the industry is and 2) avoid making costly mistakes in blast design or costing, and is also great for the experienced user looking to pick up practical tips.

The Academy has hosted all levels from first-year college students to 40-year veterans. This course is also accepted for blaster’s license continuing education in many states.

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