Young Leaders Luncheon to Feature Dave Sears


The speaker at this year’s National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association Young Leaders Luncheon, sponsored by Rock Products, will be former Navy SEAL Dave Sears. The event will take place at AGG1.

Dave Sears

For 20 years, Sears served in the most elite special operations force in the world. A decorated veteran, he planned, led and executed hundreds of special operations missions in more than 40 countries on five continents.

Sears will offer a look inside how the nation’s most elite special operations forces train to make quick and effective decisions in life and death environments. With more than 20 years of tactical and strategic experience, he shares stories about some of our most headline-stealing conflicts (like the first successful prisoner of war rescue since WWII) and show how to create a process around decision-making that leads faster, better decisions.

He will offer a practical framework: 1.) End state – what are the goals; 2.) Test for decisions – is it S.A.F.E. (suitable, acceptable, feasible, and end state); and 3.) Practice – talk through the process and be aware of what decisions are being made.

Sears’ presentations are a high-energy look into how audiences can apply the best of the Navy SEALs to their own organizations.

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