Should Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated?

Singularity. It’s discussed by futurists and by scientists. Then there are the rest of us grappling to get our heads around the “reality” that within a decade or so, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change everything.

CMRubinWorld recently asked millennials around the world to answer this question: Do we need to regulate AI now before it becomes a danger to humanity?

“We are experiencing a time where five companies are holding most of the economical (and even political) power in the world: Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft,” stressed Reetta Heiskanen, a CMRubinWorld millennial blogger. “We should think about fundamental questions: what are the elements that make a human a human? And what are the ingredients that help us execute our own, individual potential?”

CMRubinWorld millennial blogger Sajia Darwish commented, “It is crucial to control the power and availability of AI in order to prevent the dominance of powerful companies with large amounts of data and funding.”

CMRubinWorld millennial blogger Wilson Carter stated, “It saddens me to think that a technology that could improve the lives of billions, like implementing autonomous farming to ensure all of the world’s peoples are sufficiently fed, is being warped into creating new age killing machines.”

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