Numa Offers Rock Drilling Resources

Numa offers a wide range of Down-The-Hole (DTH) rock drilling hammers and bits. With more than 110 DTH products, Numa’s drilling technology is capable of drilling vertical, horizontal, and reverse circulation holes from 3½- to 50½ in. (89 to 1283 mm) in diameter in hard rock and unconsolidated formations.

Numa also offers Super Jaws Overburden Bits. Super Jaws is one of the best methods for simultaneously drilling and casing holes in unconsolidated ground conditions of overburden, boulders or bedrock.

With its unique wing design, Super Jaws retracts back into the guide body when drilling is complete for extraction of all tooling while leaving the casing in place. There is no reverse rotation required, nor any expensive rings, saving drillers time and money. Super Jaws is capable of drilling hole sizes 5 ½- to 42-in. (139 to 1067 mm) in diameter.

Super Jaws is available in two versions. One version utilizes a drive shoe welded to the front of the casing. As the bit advances, the casing is advanced at the same rate due to the drive shoulder on the guide body contacting the drive shoe welded to the casing.

The Super Jaws ND version allows the use of thick wall casing or thick wall threaded casing. The guide body has no drive shoulder and the casing is advanced via a casing hammer, duplex diverter or dual rotary.


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