North America Frac Sand Touts its Eagle Ridge Property

North America Frac Sand Inc. told its shareholders that it has been in discussions with multiple Canadian publicly traded companies regarding its Eagle Ridge Property and the feedback has been very positive.

“This is an exciting time for North America Frac Sand Inc.,” said Joseph Kistler, president of the company. “The company has been involved with substantive discussions regarding the furtherance of the Eagle Ridge Frac Sand project and I am pleased to report that the interest has been extremely positive. It is my intention to partner with a group (in Canada near the Eagle Ridge project) that is capable of completing the drilling program so that the true value of the company owned leases will be validated and bring value to the company’s preferred and common shareholders. We plan on deciding in the very near future.

I am also pleased to report that in addition to the Eagle Ridge project the company is exploring options of additional oil and gas industry related projects both in Canada and the United States,” Kistler said. “As the opportunities are further developed information will be further disclosed.

“On behalf of the company I would like to acknowledge Bert Lavallee for his efforts to secure the Eagle Ridge Property leases with the Hutterian Brethren of Eagle Creek Inc.,” Kistler said. “Lavallee has been instrumental, since day one, moving this project forward including providing the funding to keep the Company’s expenses paid and paying all the leases to keep the Eagle Ridge Property in good standing. We are also very proud to report that we will be compensating the investing shareholders of Canadian Sandtech Inc. (CSI) by way of issuing 9,130,000 common shares of the target Canadian company

North America Frac Sand Inc. is headquartered in Ossian, Ind.