Connecticut Town Council Approves Fracking Waste Ban

The South Windsor, Conn., town council unanimously approved an ordinance that bans fracking waste from being brought to or used in the town, according to the Hartford Courant. The town became the 34th municipality in the state to ban the storage or use of potentially contaminated waste that results from hydraulic fracturing.

Although the ordinance bans most of the fracking waste from coming into town, it doesn’t ban it from being transported along the interstate highways.

Although no fracking is taking place in Connecticut, the waste from other states could be brought there to be stored, treated or repurposed. The ordinance would also ban companies from using any fracking waste material in construction projects or bringing it into town for storage.

The state has a temporary moratorium on waste produced from fracking while the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection adopts regulations that would govern its disposal and processing. The state has three hazardous waste treatment facilities – in Bridgeport, Meriden and Bristol.

“Hopefully other towns will do this and hopefully the state will organize itself and do a better job as well so towns don’t have to do this,” Mayor M. Saud Anwar said.

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