Universal Flow Monitors Offers Variable Area Flowmeters

LL series

Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. now offers a HART protocol option on all of its variable area and piston style flowmeters designed to perform in challenging lubrication environments. These meters are optimized for specific lubrication fluids. There is an additional option of a mechanical switch to back up the transmitted signal.

HART is a digital communication signal superimposed on top of the 4–20 mA standard analog signal which provides additional digital information to the controller. It is one of the most popular industrial protocols.

The UFM website aids customers in choosing a flowmeter specific to their needs. Product specification choices are available for units of measurement, maximum flow rate, pipe size and pressure.

The HART option is offered on all variable area vane and piston style flowmeters. These simple low maintenance meters come in 12 sizes and go up to 2000 psi pressure for flow ranging up to 500 gpm. They have CSA and CE certifications; are easy to install, operate and maintain; and they mount in-line and in any orientation, with no straight pipe runs required.

Universal Flow Monitors Inc., www.flowmeters.com

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