Fisher Sand & Gravel Proposes Building Safe, Long-Lasting Border Wall

Fisher Sand & Gravel Co. (DBA Fisher Industries) said a durable border protection system along the American-Mexican border of the United States can be built at an affordable cost, within a briefer timeframe and provide better protection.

Fisher is one of six companies awarded a contract to develop a prototype for construction of the wall by U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP).

Tommy Fisher, president of Fisher Industries, said in an interview on Fox and Friends, that the company has submitted a proposal to construct not just a wall, but a long-lasting border protection system, including high-speed access roads for agents as well as flood protection. The wall would cost $12.2 billion and take approximately six years to build.

“Our proposal also includes guaranteed on-time and on-budget project completion, as well as a warranty on all workmanship, all backed by a multi-billion-dollar bond,” Fisher said. “We are a true design, manufacturing and building company. Our vertical integration allows us to control all aspects of the project, which ultimately drives schedule, price and quality. We believe our solid concrete wall will withstand the elements better than any other alternative.”

The company told Rock Products that a majority of the aggregates needed for the project would be sourced by Fisher. However there would be some locations where material would need to be outsourced to established quarries to obtain the aggregates needed for the project.

The company has secured construction partnerships with Caterpillar, CMC rebar and Arizona Portland Cement Co.

Fisher Industries conducts most of its heavy civil construction in the southwestern United States and has built several projects through mountainous terrain. Fisher said the innovative factors in its proposal will produce large savings per year that will ultimately pay for the project over time and help ensure safety and security for all Americans.

Fisher Industries pursues challenges and has a reputation for successfully tackling the tough jobs including manufacturing aggregate processing equipment, and mining and delivering aggregate products all the way down to the final roller pass across freshly laid asphalt.

Over the past six decades, Fisher Industries has successfully completed numerous interstate construction and re-construction projects, large municipal and residential projects, and has consistently provided aggregate products that meet and exceed tough roadway specifications.

With eight divisions, the Fisher Industries team employs more than 700 employees working in support of heavy civil construction throughout the Dakotas, Arizona, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming.

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