Kalenborn Abresist Offers Wear Resistant Linings

Wear- and abrasion-resistant linings are available at Kalenborn Abresist Corp. for a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic components, and pipes handling abrasive bulk materials. A combination of lining materials is also an effective and economical solution if the wear is of varying intensity in different areas, depending upon abrasion, impact, corrosion and temperature.

Kalenborn Abresist lining materials include cast basalt, alumina, zirconium corundum, silicon carbide, chrome carbide, hard alloys, trowelable epoxy, flexible wear resistant piping and combinations of the above.

These wear-resistant linings offer excellent abrasion and impact resistance and are specifically constructed for use wherever wear and abrasion are a problem. Industries using these custom linings include cement, power, iron and steel, aggregate and mining.

Kalenborn Abresist Corp., www.abresist.com

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