In Case You Want to Rock Your Phone

Many of us have protective cases to guard our valuable smart phones. But why buy yourself a black Survivor or a camo Otterbox when you can have your phone encased in real rock?

Fred Flintstone would be proud.

WÜD Life, the creators of American-made technology accessories inspired by nature, just released its RÖK collection – authentic slate stone cases for Apple, Samsung, Google and LG phones. These handcrafted cases are now available for purchase on the WÜD Life website.

“Our phones have become such a necessary part of our over-scheduled daily lives,” said Vitali Servutas, owner of WÜD Life, “and our new RÖK collection reminds our customers of the calming and grounding influence of nature in their otherwise hectic lives.”

One-of-a-Kind Beauty

WÜD Life, currently known for its intricate tech cases made from real burl wood, is now expanding their natural and unique designs through the RÖK collection. No two WÜD Life cases are ever alike, as each is crafted by hand.

The RÖK collection launches with nine options, each featuring different textures that range from rigid to smooth polished stone, including Volcanic, Aztec and Moon variations.

Ultimate Protection

The phone cases are lightweight and feature a higher lip on the front side to protect the phone’s glass. A textured grip area prevents the phone from slipping, and a flexible rubber front absorbs shocks from accidental drops. The phone’s camera and all its ports are completely accessible when the phone case is on.

The RÖK collection requires no special care, and all cases in the collection are covered by a lifetime warranty.


Each case is beautifully suspended in transparent packaging, appearing to hang almost mid-air between two clear panels. The front of the package offers an unobstructed view of the case, while the back reveals an infographic of the RÖK collection’s special features.

All RÖK collection iPhone 7 cases will fit the iPhone 6/6s, and iPhone 7 Plus cases will fit the iPhone 6/6s Plus, allowing retailers to carry fewer SKUs. They also have a case for the new iPhone X.

Pricing and Availability

Prices for the RÖK collection cost either $29.95 or $39.99, depending on model, with free worldwide shipping.

“In a world where everyone wants to be unique, we have created a one-of-a-kind phone case,” added Servutas. “Our new stone cases fulfill the WÜD Life mission to enhance the phone’s design and functionality, with a case that not only protects but also adds beauty.”

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