Unified Screening’s Flowmax Extremely Adaptable

Unified’s proprietary and patented Flowmax Modular Screening System is extremely adaptable. This system can be a permanent flat deck or modular (removable) solution using modular tension mats. The universal, patented fastening method provides substantial locking area.

Benefits of Flowmax polyurethane are:

  • Longer life – can last 15 to 20 times the life of wire cloth.
  • Reduced plugging and blinding; better production performance.
  • Variety of materials available; ethers, esters at 60A to 90A durometer.
  • Easy installation.
  • Flexible installation options.

Flowmax modules allow replacement of worn areas without replacing the entire screen. Modules are available in 12- x 24-in. or 12- x 12-in. panels, giving you the best use of available area plus optimum efficiency in replacement and maintenance.

No matter which installation option you choose, Flowmax offers a universal, patented fastening method, providing substantial locking area. There are no pins, plugs or other loose parts required. Modules are interchangeable between a permanent and removable frame system.

Unified Screening, www.unifiedscreening.com

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