Preferred Sands Gets New Location for Plant

Preferred Sands has purchased more than 4,000 acres in northern Atascosa and southern Bexar counties in Texas, and the acreage includes a sand mine that’s already been in operation for decades, according to

The mine’s original proposed site had created an uproar among residents in Atascosa County, who were worried about heavy truck traffic on their rural, gravel roads, possible health impacts, the loss of their view and the placement of heavy industry right across from people’s homes.

The original location planned for Preferred Sands – near a historical marker for the 1813 Battle of Medina, known as the bloodiest fight in Texas history – will remain a hay field for now.

Preferred Sands’ Sand Mining of Texas LLC already has its permit from the state’s environmental regulator and could have started construction on the corner of Bruce Road and Applewhite Road, but it voluntarily halted its plans in May to work with residents.

The new location ended up at a site off of State Highway 16 where Martin Marietta has operated a sand mine for decades.

T.J. Doyle of Preferred Sands said the company purchased the 4,000 acres, and that the new sand mine and Marin Marietta will operate on different parts of the property. Though part of the land extends north into Bexar County, the mining will happen on the southern portion of the property, he said.

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