Graniterock Helps Fire Victims Breathe Easier

California-based Graniterock donated 2,800 disposable respirator masks to residents and first-responders of fire-torn Wine Country after word came from a team member’s close friend that “all we need are those masks” to handle the worst air quality ever recorded in the North Bay area.

When Karame Williams, an accounts receivable specialist with Graniterock, heard about the desperate need for masks, she went online to buy some, but everything was backordered and wouldn’t arrive in time to help. 

With residents advised to stay indoors to minimize breathing smoke-filled air and particulate matter, masks have been sold out at stores across the North Bay.

Determined, Karame turned to the Construction Division’s small tools department for assistance in securing some of the sought-after N95 masks, a product the division uses frequently.

Dave Hernandez, small tools manager, immediately reached out to his contacts at Airgas, a longtime Graniterock vendor, to see if they could do anything to help the company get masks to Napa County. 

A pallet with 35 boxes of masks was quickly delivered at a discounted price to Graniterock and shipping costs covered by Airgas.  

“You feel so powerless when trying to figure out what you can do to help,” Karame said. “It’s nice to know you’re doing something tangible.”

Hernandez said it felt good to know Graniterock’s contribution would make a difference. “It feels good to work for a company that cares,” he said. “I’m glad we could do something.”

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