The Best News of All

President Donald Trump will not move forward with a planned Advisory Council on Infrastructure, according to media reports. The council, which was still being formed, would have advised Trump on his plan to spend as much as $1 trillion upgrading roads, bridges and other public works. The council was scuttled along with several other advisory boards. Not good news.

Since he won’t be taking advice from them, maybe he’d take advice from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

According to AEM, an overwhelming majority of Americans in urban, suburban and rural communities believe that investing in infrastructure will improve the U.S. economy

  • A massive number (89 percent) of all adults believe that investments in infrastructure will strengthen the U.S. economy, including 86 percent of urban and 89 percent of rural Americans.
  • More than eight out of every 10 adults (82 percent) agree that investments in infrastructure will increase the number of jobs in their communities, with 84 percent of suburban, 82 percent of urban and 80 percent of rural Americans sharing this belief. 
  • Americans across the country agree that investments in infrastructure will improve their quality of life (81 percent). This sentiment is equally strong in suburbs or towns (82 percent), cities (80 percent) and rural America (79 percent).

That is good news too. That’s a lot of voters.

The National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) will hold its first Legislative Policy Forum in Washington, D.C., Sept. 24-28. It will be held at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill. Maybe he’d take advice from them.

NSSGA President and CEO Michael W. Johnson emphasized the importance of this meeting, and the impact members could make with their elected representatives. “We have to take a message to Capitol Hill,” he said. “Infrastructure investment is critical to keep the economy moving.

That is also good news. It means our voice is going to be heard.

Or maybe he’d take advice from me. Mr. President, you promised as much as $1 trillion would be spent rebuilding America’s infrastructure. This is a win for everyone. It is time to drive a bulldozer down Pennsylvania Ave., clear all of the distractions out of the way and get this done.

That would be the best news of all.

Mark S. Kuhar, editor

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