Outback Materials to Partner With CarbonCure

Outback Materials has partnered with CarbonCure Technologies in order to provide environmentally friendly concrete to projects in Central California, including the high-profile California High-Speed Rail project. This partnership solidifies Outback’s commitment to help contribute to California’s environmental targets, according to the company.

“I think it’s important for this industry to align with California’s environmental commitments by adopting greener technologies,” said Outback CEO Curtis Lovett. “Partnering with CarbonCure is an essential piece in doing our part to improve air quality and preserve the environment.”

Outback has been dedicated to providing high-quality concrete from six local locations to the Central Valley for 50 years, and this new equipment will improve not only the environmental impact of the concrete they produce, but the overall integrity of the material, as well, the company stated. CarbonCure’s technology, which will be installed in Outback’s Fresno plant, chemically sequesters waste CO2 in the concrete during the manufacturing process.

“It is truly an honour for CarbonCure have the opportunity to partner with a great producer like Outback Materials and to partake in an infrastructure project with the magnitude of the California High-Speed Rail,” said CarbonCure CEO Robert Niven. “If CarbonCure’s technology were used to produce the concrete for the rest of the first construction package, spanning from Madera to Fresno, the carbon reductions would be equivalent to the amount of CO2 consumed by 3200 acres of American forest over a year.”

Once completed, Phase 1 of the High-Speed Rail will connect San Francisco and Anaheim, and Phase 2 will eventually expand to Sacramento and San Diego. Outback will supply nearly half a million cu. yd. of concrete for the first sections of the project, part of a 29-mile-long segment connecting Madera and Fresno counties in which there are 25 concrete structures.

Outback Materials is a locally-owned, certified small business established in 1968 to supply ready-mixed concrete, rock and sand to customers in the foothill and mountain areas in California’s Central Valley. Today, Outback supplies concrete and aggregates from five locations: Auberry, Fresno, Friant, Mariposa and Oakhurst. 

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