Metso Lokotrack Urban Series Enables Safe Rock Crushing in Cities

Metso’s Lokotrack Urban seriesmobile crushing plant revolutionizes crushing in densely populated environments, such as city centers, the company said. The new solution simplifies crushing operations, incorporates significant noise protection and cuts dust emissions remarkably, minimizing the impact for people living and working around construction sites.

“We developed this new solution to make it possible to run crushing operations in the most heavily regulated urban environments. Obtaining environmental permits is very tough when crushing in densely populated areas. The new Lokotrack Urban series, however, provides robust crushing power while minimizing the impact for people and communities around the site,” said Jouni Hulttinen, product manager, Lokotrack mobile crushing plants.

Environmental permits usually regulate the noise level caused by crushing operations. From an occupational health and safety perspective, 85 decibels is considered the exposure limit and ear protection is required, although even lower levels can be disturbing for those living or working around crushing sites.

With the noise-protected Lokotrack Urban LT106, the required protection distance drops up to 60 percent from 23-25 meters to 9-11 meters (from 75-82 ft. to 30-36 ft.) Outside this area, the sensory impact on the human ear can be even more significant.

“The test results are impressive. Naturally, we need to keep in mind that process noise is also highly dependent on other equipment used on site. The new Urban series is first of its kind that adapts to all crushing operations and actively protects the health and safety of the plant personnel and civilians,” Hulttinen continued.

In addition to very low noise emissions, the Lokotrack Urban series includes an advanced dust-suppression system. Dust is funneled to stay inside the mobile crushing plant and a high-pressure water spraying system absorbs most dust particles from the air. The environmental features integrated into the crushing plant do not require any special maintenance. 


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