NSSGA Meets with Acosta

Buoyed by President Donald Trump’s agenda to reform what it calls “regulatory overreach by the federal government,” National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) staff recently met with Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to address regulations facing aggregates operations.

Specifically, the group detailed what it calls “the harmful effects of the upcoming MSHA workplace exam rule.” The regulation, set to go into effect on Oct. 2, is riddled with issues and complicated by vague definitions that must be clarified, according to NSSGA. For example, staff highlighted the requirement that a work area must be examined before work begins. But the rule doesn’t actually define what a working place is or what red flags detected during such an exam would warrant reporting.

NSSGA pointed out that MSHA is well-equipped with President Trump’s regulatory reform initiative to delay the regulation to allow for its complexities to be worked out and clearly articulated to the industry before proceeding.

“We let Secretary Acosta know that our industry wholeheartedly supports advancing President Trump’s ambitious agenda, especially when it comes to infrastructure investment and reforming onerous regulations,” said Laura O’Neill Kaumo, NSSGA senior vice president of government and regulatory affairs. “Our members face an overwhelming amount of rules that impede their ability to produce the rocks that build America and offer little or no benefits for businesses and communities alike.”

Additionally, the NSSGA staff took the opportunity to highlight regulations that would actually improve safety and environmental stewardship if updated to the current state of the industry.

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