New Data Illustrates A Quarry’s Positive Impact

Many people are unclear on the benefits of having an aggregates operation nearby. Quarries now have a resource to show the tangible benefits of their operations to share with community stakeholders and neighbors in the permitting process.

The Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal and Economic Public Policy recently released a study that shows the positive impact of a stone, sand or gravel operation on jobs, tax revenues and other businesses in a community.

Aggregates operations are remarkable job creators. The data shows every single job at an aggregates operation supports nearly five other jobs outside the quarry. That means 496,740 jobs are directly supported by aggregates positions. Quarry jobs command an average annual salary of $75,129 and provide plenty of opportunities for growth, promotions and upward mobility.

The National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) is prepared to help you communicate these facts and is leaving no stone unturned in getting the word out online, in the press and direct to the people of the industry. 

Find some of the most impactful, shareable facts from the study at NSSGA’s online portal here. Visit its fact page to download social media graphics and an op-ed template you can customize and share with your local press.

Facts at a glance:

  • $27 billion: Aggregates industry sales.
  • $75,129: Average annual salary of a quarry job.
  • $570 million: Taxes paid by the aggregates industry.
  • 90 percent: Percentage of aggregates produced within 50 miles of where they are consumed.
  • 4.87: Number of additional jobs each quarry job creates throughout the economy.
  • $4.19: Amount of earnings in other sectors generated by every $1 earned in the aggregates industry.

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