This is a Story About Rings. Yes, Jewelry

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Do you wear your wedding ring at work? How about when you engage in outdoor activities such as biking, running, skiing or snowboarding? Yeah, probably not.

A company called Fixate Designs became fixated on the idea that workers and those with an active lifestyle did not wear their wedding rings either for safety reasons or because of personal comfort while being active. So they decided to offer a solution.

Silicone rings are worn by everyone from professional athletes, construction workers, firefighters, law enforcement and electricians to moms, surfers, pilots and more. A misconception is that these are rubber rings, but they are not. Although they are flexible, stretchable and extremely comfortable, Fixate Designs silicone rings are made of a special patented high-tech silicone material that is considered state-of-the-art.

“We are committed to building the ultimate silicone rings and wedding bands for the active lifestyle,” the company said. “We use premium medical-grade silicone for our men’s and women’s rings, and we offer a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and designs. Our rings are perfect for home, work and play and are ideal for the gym, outdoors, construction site, watersports, and just about everything you do on a daily basis.

“We founded Fixate on the simple premise of creating products that make life better. Products that allow people to be more active, take better care of themselves, and have fewer restrictions. Simply put, we wanted to rethink, re-engineer and redesign items used in everyday life that we felt needed to evolve,” the company said.

“We also realized that many working men and women didn’t wear rings for fear of damaging expensive wedding bands, they weren’t allowed on the jobsite, were afraid of losing them, or felt traditional rings were otherwise unsafe. Our friends in the military are one example where jewelry, especially wedding rings, are strictly regulated, and we wanted them to have an option of something practical to wear. We also didn’t like our spouses going to the gym without their wedding ring and wanted to have a high-performance alternative to gold, silver and platinum bands,” the company stated.

Ultimately, the quest for improving lifestyle is what led Fixate Designs’ founders to the realization that rings needed a boost from technology. The Fixate ring was born after lots of research and development around the world, and it’s just the first of many products that the company intends to deliver. “Our silicone rings are lab tested, designed in the United States and engineered using materials that are among the best in the world,” the company said. “They have been created to be worn at times when people would otherwise take off their metal bands. They are tough. And not to mention, cool.”

You can “ring” up the company at 877-349-2831, or go to to check out its product line.

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