RCT EarthTrack Fleet Management System for Mining

RCT announced the release of EarthTrack Fleet Management for mining. The system is designed to deliver relevant accurate machine data that will empower fleet users and suppliers to make informed decisions when managing their fleet to ensure it’s always operating at peak performance.

“RCT’s latest system offers relevant machine data so the customers can easily analyze it and make business decisions to deliver better bottom line profit,” said Head of Product Management Dave Holman.

EarthTrack Fleet Management can be fitted to any mobile machine models used in surface and underground mining. All information is displayed on an interactive dashboard which can be accessed via any smart device with internet access – anywhere, anytime.

EarthTrack captures data to fully assess machine and operator performance in real-time, presenting intelligent reports that improve fleet productivity. This solution is changing the way in which mines operate in the future.

RCT, www.rct-global.com

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