ConExpo-Con/Agg Revisited (Part 2)

It Was the Biggest ConExpo-Con/Agg Ever. Here Are Some of the Products and Services We Saw at the Show.

Make no mistake, ConExpo-Con/Agg was a monster. There were 127,000 people actively engaged in buying on 2.8 million sq. ft. of exhibit space. Indeed there was a lot to see. Rock Products editors fanned out across the vast expanses of the Las Vegas Convention Center and the surrounding equipment lots to discover some of the great products being displayed. This is the second in a two-part feature.

Bridgestone Americas

Bridgestone Americas showcased its new Firestone VersaBuilt tire line for the first time during the show. The first full line of off-the-road radial tires from Firestone, VersaBuilt tires are designed to perform across a wide variety of environments, applications and equipment to keep jobsites operating efficiently.

“With more radial tires entering the off-the-road market, we saw a need to introduce a dependable product at an affordable price that is backed by a trusted brand,” said Taylor Cole, president, off-the-road, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. “Our construction customers are looking for a versatile line of tires that they can rely on to get the job done, and that’s exactly what they get with Firestone VersaBuilt.”

Firestone VersaBuilt tires provide solid traction for loaders, graders and earthmovers, ensuring these machines perform at their best in a variety of conditions, ranging from muddy to rocky surfaces. Customers also can maximize their tire purchase by choosing Firestone VersaBuilt tires as the full line is engineered for wear life, durability and affordability.

Key features of Firestone VersaBuilt tires include:

  • A steel casing and SideArmor sidewalls to protect against cuts and punctures by deflecting stones and debris.
  • A non-directional, self-cleaning tread for added traction and a tough tread compound to promote wear life.
  • Three different tread patterns optimized for general use across environments, the Firestone VersaBuilt All Traction (G2/L2), the Firestone VersaBuilt All Purpose (E3/L3) and the Firestone VersaBuilt Deep Tread (E4/L4).
  • Eleven different size offerings to meet the demands of different applications.

Firestone VersaBuilt tires are backed by a five-year limited warranty and an

expansive dealer network to fully support each customer’s unique business.

Bridgestone Americas,

Dana Rexroth

Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems introduced a short-drop version of the R2 hydromechanical variable transmission (HVT), with pre-production testing by original-equipment manufacturers expected to begin by the end of this year.

The short-drop version of the HVT R2 is ideal for a range of material-handling, pushback and forestry applications. Featuring a modular configuration with a redesigned transmission case that reduces input/output distance, it can be adapted for a variety of vehicles, including forklift trucks, empty container handlers, and terminal tractors. This hydromechanical variable transmission supports power outputs from 130 to 200 kW (174 to 268 hp).

In addition, Dana Rexroth is designing an enhanced version of the HVT R2 that supports engine ratings up to 235 kW. It will supply vehicles with more power to simultaneously perform travel and work functions. Units will be available for preproductiontesting by vehicle manufacturers in early 2018.

“Since production began on the long-drop version of the HVT R2, the power-split transmission program from Dana Rexroth has met industry demands for improved fuel economy, controllability, and reliable performance in real-world operating conditions,” said Roland Friedl, head of sales and product management for Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems. “This new short-drop version of the HVT R2 will deliver these benefits to an even wider range of material-handling vehicles and expand this technology to other off-highway applications.”

Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems,


The new Dressta S-Series compact crawler dozers are equipped with full dual path hydrostatic drive systems that transmit full power to both tracks in all conditions to ensure smooth speed modulation, pivot turns and counter rotation. The result is improved manoeuvrability, optimized productivity and ease of operation, even when working on confined job sites. Full range of options are available for attachments, Trimble systems and various applications including forestry. S-Series dozers are engineered to optimize versatility, controllability and finish grade accuracy.

  • The Cummins QSF3.8 engine meets US EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IIIB emission regulations and provides 113 hp (84 kW) of net power.
  • Dial-in eco/standard/full power working modes for fuel efficient operation in various conditions.
  • Maximum drawbar pull of 40,690 lb./ft. (181 kN) gives this compact machine a colossal power to handle various tasks.
  • Two different undercarriage arrangements: LT & LGP are available. Long Track is standard version for better stability.
  • Hydrostatic transmission offers forward & reverse speed of 6.5 mph (10.5 km/h).
  • Responsive ergonomic controls for command and ease of operation.
  • Lifetime lubricated rollers and heavy-duty chains and idlers for greatly extended track life.
  • Counter rotation for minimal turn radius, and excellent manoeuvrability in confined spaces. Thirty percent larger cab with new styling and including high resolution 7-in. LCD display screen that provides real-time system values in multiple languages.
  • Exceptional all-round visibility, especially to blade corners due to sloped and tapered engine hood.
  • Blade shaker function.
  • Shank ripper providing excellent penetration.
  • Trimble options to improve productivity, maximize performance and allow you to work with pin point accuracy.


DSC Dredge

DSC Dredge’s custom dredging solutions derive from a long history of working with customers to discover every aspect of their application needs – often resulting in Custom Class dredges that are entirely unique from DSC’s other dredge lines. The company explores all of the details of each project, such as the materials being dredged, depths, length of flow run, discharge point elevation, engine and pump preference, portability requirements, hull depth requirements, excavation power needs, access to power grids – and any other relevant information. DSC, which is based in Reserve, La., typically builds two to three fully customized dredges each year.

DSC has for example manufactured the Western Hemisphere’s deepest sand mining dredge, with a dredging depth capability of 200 ft. This dredge was equipped with digging jets, rather than a cutter head, because the sand in the application is free flowing, and high excavation forces are not required to mine the deposit. The company also just completed an aggregate dredge earlier this year that will dredge down to 155 ft.

DSC Dredge LLC,

JLG Industries

JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corp. company, launched two new high-capacity telehandlers at the show. These new machines will be available to North and Latin America lb. of lift capacity. “Not only are these machines the first JLG telehandlers in the high-capacity category, but they are also the first telehandlers in North America with SmartLoad Technology,” said John Boehme, JLG Industries product manager, telehandlers. “SmartLoad is an advanced bundle of three integrated technologies that work together to deliver a greater level of operator confidence. It will be offered as optional equipment on the 1644 and 1732 telehandlers.”

The first component of the SmartLoad Technology bundle is attachment recognition, which allows a telehandler to identify an attachment and display the appropriate load chart to the operator. The second, a load management information system (LMIS), graphically depicts the location of the load within the load chart, provides the operator with an indication of compliance and prevents the operator from violating the boundaries of the chart; and the third, a load stability indicator (LSI), works in conjunction with the LMIS to limit operation when a load becomes non-compliant.

“Armed with the real-time load data this package provides, operators will work with increased confidence, while fleet owners avoid the costly repairs that may result from overloading a machine,” Boehme said.

Additionally, the JLG 1644 and 1732 are among the first equipped with JLG’s precision gravity lowering system. Equipped with this system, the telehandlers rely on hydraulic power to raise the boom, but use gravity to lower it, providing the operator with better, more precise control. According to Boehme, JLG plans to incorporate this new technology throughout its entire line of JLG telehandlers later this year.

JLG Industries,

Little Beaver

LittleBeaverLittle Beaver Inc. featured its soil sampling equipment at the show. The SSK-1 kit includes an additional hydraulic valve, Cathead and tower kit with stabilizer legs that extend out in front of the drill for additional stability. It can be used with Little Beaver’s AWJ drilling rod and 24-in. split spoon sampler, which allows a user to obtain a core soil sample for geotechnical or environmental testing.

The Big Beaver is portable and designed for limited access areas with a width of only 26 in. and a height of 80 in. Because it is compact, one person can easily maneuver the two-wheeled unit through gates, doorways and even basements. The drill’s hydraulic power source is available with a 20-hp gasoline engine and can be used with other hydraulic tools like concrete saws, breakers, tampers and chain saws.

Little Beaver Inc.,


LiuGong 835H LiuGong showcased 13 machines suitable for extreme duty at this year’s show. LiuGong unveiled its new revolutionary vertical lift wheel loader for the first time outside of China. In addition, the company also brought its most up-to-date H series wheel loaders and E series excavators for visitors to inspect at close range. The four-wheel loaders included the VL80A, 835H, 848H and 890H models; while four excavators – the 9035E, 915E, 922E and 930E models were also present. LiuGong’s contingent for the show was completed by the 385B skid steer loader; two forklifts – the 2025G and the 2030H, as well as two robust Dressta hydrostatic dozers – the TD-8S & TD-9S models.

As one of the two key markets for the world construction machinery industry, America is a critical test for any top equipment manufacturer. The market has historically been dominated by high-end and home grown brands.

Informed by 60 years of product development, LiuGong now has a total of 20 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Support for customers of its 15 product lines is delivered by nearly 1,000 engineers working in four world-class research and development facilities. LiuGong works closely with globally respected components suppliers including, Cummins, ZF and Kawasaki to achieve the highest product quality.

LiuGong is committed to delivering robust machines that are simple to operate while boasting a high degree of control to enable successful operation in any environment, including the most difficult and isolated terrain. All LiuGong products receive service back-up through an extensive global sales network and regional support offices.



IMG 0475

McLanahan Corp. showcased new equipment dedicated to helping producers increase production and efficiency. The company featured a cross-belt sampler; the MAX Series Inclined Vibrating Screen, the newest version of their long-standing modular wet processing plant; and launched to support their new range of mobile equipment. Because this line is sold directly through a unique set of dealers and is readily available to customers, McLanahan wanted to provide a specific website that makes information directly available. The site focuses on mobile equipment solutions for crushing, screening, recycling and material handling applications. Visitors are able to quickly and easily find contact information, request a quote and locate the nearest dealer.

The MMS website also provides information on McLanahan Capital. Customers are able fill out and submit credit applications to get financing. The company offers several types of loans and leasing information for customers who need it.

Additional processing solutions were showcased using 3-D models. McLanahan also displayed an array of wear solutions as part of the company’s commitment to supporting customers through the life of the machine. With offices in six countries, McLanahan is committed to providing customers with local service and support through their 24/7 Global Response Team.

McLanahan Corp.,

Miller Electric

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. and Hobart showcased solutions designed to address productivity, quality, safety and cost issues in applications that include field repair, construction, infrastructure and pipeline. Show visitors saw the latest products and received hands-on experience with live welding demonstrations.

New technologies demonstrated at the show included ArcReach multiprocess welding systems, which allow welding operators to change process parameters remotely at the weld joint without the use of control cables. This results in improved productivity in stick, TIG, MIG and flux-cored welding by eliminating unnecessary trips to the power source and providing greater arc-on time. It also encourages best-practice weld settings and techniques and improves safety by reducing the opportunity for tripping hazards and jobsite fatigue.

In addition, visitors learned more about the simple and cost-effective heating capabilities of the ProHeat 35 Induction Heating System, which delivers fast and consistent heating for weld preheating, post-weld heat treatment, coating removal and shrink fit applications. Jobs that would typically take hours to heat can be done in minutes utilizing safe, efficient induction heating.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.,; Hobart,

Regal Beloit Corp.

Regal Beloit Corp. announced it has launched the Time Saving axial groove in bore feature to the SealMaster Large Bore Performance Gold Line Mounted Ball Bearing.

The new feature is available in both medium 2-7/16-in. and up and standard 2-11/16-in. and up shaft sizes, and the Time Saving axial groove in the inner ring bore allows for easier bearing removal. This design provides clearance from the burr created by the setscrew used to lock the bearing to the shaft, which makes removal difficult and can cause damage to the shaft during removal. This feature has no impact to ball path roundness, load and speed rating, strength or bearing performance.

“Through years of customer discussions, on-site installation and removal observations, it was evident that the burr created by the setscrew had a significant impact on the time required to remove mounted bearings,” said Ian Rubin, director of marketing, bearings, at Regal Beloit Corp. “With time being a very valuable commodity in plant operation, we recognized the importance of developing a solution that reduces downtime and lost production, in turn potentially saving thousands of dollars.”

In addition to the time and related costs saved during bearing removal, the design also reduces damage to the shaft. A reduction in damage to the shaft not only then reduces the cost associated with repairing the shaft before reuse, it can eliminate the cost of having to replace the shaft.

Regal Beloit Corp.

Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth featured the new 3-D iCube demonstration display that lets customers access 15 different construction applications on four dedicated touch screens. The system allows customers to explore solutions and benefits instantly, rotating each Rexroth component, and zooming in and out for more information as desired.

Another featured system was the Genius Cab, shown for the first time in the United States, an innovative wheel loader cabin concept developed by Bosch and five other companies. Bosch and Bosch Rexroth components included on the cab are: direct drive wiper, body computer, ultrasonic sensing, digital outer mirror, BCM software, DI4 terminal and joystick. The project’s aim is to demonstrate to manufacturers of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and industrial forklifts how much potential there is for efficient system integration.

Product highlights include new technologies aimed to improve performance in skid steer loaders, compact track loaders and drive train solutions:

  • The A21 VG 35/45 compact double pump for closed-circuit applications featuring an efficient back-to-back design that allows for installation in application with very limited mounting space.
  • New A2FM bent-axis hydraulic motors, which are up to 26 percent more compact than their predecessors and are notable for their high power density.
  • The new A30VG, an axial piston variable pump, suitable for wheel and travel drives, enables short engineering times for hydrostatic travel drives thanks to its full compatibility with Rexroth‘s mobile electronics range and well-proven standard software for the EP control concept.
  • New radial piston motors (MCR5T, MCR6T) are shorter, stronger and more efficient with 20 percent shorter installation length, 10 percent higher starting torque and high travel speeds with low diesel rotational speeds.

Bosch Rexroth,


Terramac showcased three unique crawler carrier models, the RT9, RT14 and RT14R. all of which deliver superior performance and versatility to tackle the toughest jobs. These units are well-equipped to provide operators with maximum efficiency and easy maintenance in a wide variety of applications.

Terramac’s mid-size RT9 and larger RT14 straight frame units are well known by contractors for their customization options and key features. No matter what the application – from general construction or aggregates to pipeline or utility – Terramac’s crawler carriers can help tackle any jobsite challenge that comes along. Terramac customizes electrical power sources and frame adjustments on these models to suit any configuration.

When configured with the standard dump bed, Terramac’s straight frame units are ideal for carrying material to hard-to-reach jobsites. And with the heavy duty rock-dump bed, the units haul the heaviest materials – including dirt, mud and rocks. The larger RT14 can also be outfitted with a flatbed, making mat hauling easier on the right of way.

For environmentally sensitive jobs, the RT9 and RT14 crawler carriers can be equipped with specialized restoration equipment, such as hydroseeders, allowing for environmental crews to spray seed mix for erosion control with minimal disturbance to the ground. Other attachment options include bark blowers and straw blowers.

For mining applications, both RT9 and RT14 units can be configured with a water tank and hydraulic crane unit to handle drill sections. Power for the crane comes from the gear pump powering the dump bed. In addition, both models can be mounted with a spray boom for dust control on tailings ponds.

The Terramac straight frame models are capable of conquering the toughest pipeline jobs. The RT9 and RT14 can be outfitted with a variety of industry tools and equipment for pipeline applications including tack welders, pipe heating units, personnel carriers and vacuum excavation units.

Equipped with a digger derrick, the RT9 tackles a myriad of utility tasks that include digging holes, lifting/setting poles, turning screw anchors and setting transformers. The RT9 also accommodates boom tip configurations, multiple sized augers for different jobsite applications and outriggers for extra stabilization.

Built with a rugged upper frame that rotates a full 360 degrees, the Terramac RT14R crawler carrier hauls and dumps material at any position, even while driving. This unique rotational functionality allows the RT14R to offload materials faster than a standard straight frame unit as its tracks don’t need to be counter rotated to drive another direction.

The RT14R’s ability to dump without tearing up the surrounding ground also minimizes environmental damage and land restoration costs. Low ground pressure and rotating functionality make the RT14R ideal for work in confined spaces and environmentally sensitive areas, such as: railroad track right of way access, rivers and levees, general earthmoving, site prep, mining and utility jobsites.


Thunder Creek Equipment

Thunder Creek Diesel DEF Transfer Tank

Thunder Creek Equipment gave attendees a look at the industry’s first combination diesel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) transfer tank for pickup trucks. This exclusive combo tank provides 100 gal. of diesel and 18 gal. of DEF capacity that fits seamlessly into the bed of pickup trucks (half-ton and larger – including goosenecks and fifth wheels) with both pumping systems concealed within its structure – no elements protrude from the tank. The sleek design ensures excellent rear visibility by taking up no more than half of the rear window.

“We know that many equipment owners are still in the early stages of determining the best way to handle DEF in the field,” said Luke Van Wyk, national sales manager and owner, Thunder Creek Equipment. “This combination tank – which takes up a similar footprint as today’s pickup truck tanks – provides owners with an efficient and contained way of transporting both diesel and DEF out to the field in a design they are familiar with.”

The combo tank features a 100-gal. steel diesel tank, and an 18-gal. polyurethane DEF tank that can be substituted with a tank and pumping system for engine or hydraulic oil. Both fill nozzles (available in automatic or manual) are located on the driver side of the truck and extend out 10 ft. from the tank.

An optional thermostatically controlled DEF heating system is available for use in northern climates that ensures that the temperature of the DEF tank, pumps and hoses doesn’t dip below 25 F. The 12V Webasto heating system is entirely self-contained and runs off diesel from the tank.

Diesel is pumped at 15 gal.-per-minute (GPM) via an industrial-grade 12V pump, while DEF is pumped at up to 10 GPM. Thunder Creek’s proprietary 2-in-1 DEF pumping solution, which pumps DEF in and out of the tank via a closed system to ensure fluid quality, is also available as an option.

The entire transfer tank and all of its components are concealed within a lockable, weather-sealed enclosure and comes with diamond plate aluminum doors as an option.

Thunder Creek Equipment,

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