ABB Reliagear Family Expanded to Include Full Range of Low-Voltage Solutions

ABB announced the launch of a low-voltage ReliaGear switchgear, motor control center, SafeT switchboard, SafeT panelboard and busway. The expansion of the range completes the full line, complementing ABB’s medium-voltage switchgear, which includes ReliaGear and SafeGear brands.

The launch is part of ABB’s expansion of its power distribution equipment portfolio, in which all medium- and low-voltage solutions are branded as ReliaGear for standard equipment and SafeGear for arc-resistant equipment.

“With this significant investment in low-voltage power distribution solutions, ABB now has the complete range for a one-line solution, from substation equipment to a cable tie,” said Tarak Mehta, president, ABB Electrification Products division. “Our presence in the United States and Canada provides the market with a source for superior low-voltage power distribution solutions that are smarter, smaller, safer and more reliable.”

The extended low-voltage ReliaGear offering provides world-leading ABB circuit breaker technology, which is UL and cUL / CSA Listed and has American National Standards Institute (ANSI) certification. The solution incorporates either ABB Tmax or Tmax XT UL489 molded-case circuit breakers (MCCBs), or Emax 2 UL 1066 power circuit breakers. These circuit breakers enable the ReliaGear family of power distribution equipment to employ the latest data communications and automation technology. They occupy less space, improve safety and increase service life.

ReliaGear power distribution equipment comprises the following solutions:

  • UL 1558-Listed low-voltage switchgear: It offers a turnkey solution for ANSI C37.20.1-compliant power distribution in a critical application.
  • UL845-Listed low-voltage motor control center (MCC): With a unique draw-out mechanism that does not require mechanical shutters, this sets new standards for safety, reliability and operator convenience.
  • UL 67-Listed SafeT panelboard: With a finger-safe bus stack and plug-in branch devices, it offers improved safety and greater ease of use.
  • UL 857-Listed busway: It is designed to occupy less space and uses less material, making it a more economical and efficient solution.
  • UL 891-Listed SafeT switchboard: It can use Emax 2, Tmax or Tmax XT circuit breakers. Also features an industry-exclusive finger-safe vertical bus in the distribution section for group-mounted breakers.


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