New Industrial Sand Air Quality Report Released

“Air Quality and Industrial Sand (Frac Sand) Mining,” the sixth in a series of studies by Isaac Orr of The Heartland Institute and Mark Krumenacher, GZA Environmental, has been released.

“I am proud to provide you with the sixth and likely final study in a series addressing industrial sand, and essentially most, nonmetallic mining,” Krumenacher said. “The six-part series provides a compilation of scientifically based, technically vetted discussions on a comprehensive variety of environmental, economic, transportation, social and regulatory issues focused on industrial sand mining. The complete six-part series encompasses 226 pages written from experience and scientific research and includes 400 vetted citations/references.”

The focus and title of these studies was intentionally on industrial sand mining, according to Krumenacher. The issues addressed are based on his nearly 30 years’ experience addressing science, engineering, economic, sustainability, health, safety and social considerations that can be associated with a wide variety of nonmetallic mining operations. “Although It should be evident that one can apply the facts presented in these studies to all nonmetallic mining, I have started to redraft much of what is presented it the studies to redirect the focus and title to the broader mining audience,” he said.

The study is unparalleled by any literature focused on the subject of industrial sand and should serve as a resource for any individual, group, municipality or governmental agency that has a genuine interest in understanding the facts pertaining to this industry, the authors remarked.

Previous papers in this series were distributed to nearly 10,000 individuals and stakeholders across the US; including law makers, attorneys, engineers, scientists, academia, local officials, reporters, and opponents to mining in an effort to educate and promote the scientific method in favor of negatively focused emotion based fear mongering and false science

“Air Quality and Industrial Sand (Frac Sand) Mining” concerns the potential impact of sand mining on air quality. The study examines the best available scientific data on the effects of industrial sand mining on air quality, concluding those operations do not pose a threat to human health or the environment.

“The conclusions of this study should be viewed favorably by proponents, opponents and those neutral to mining as very positive and encouraging news,” Krumenacher said.

For a copy of the study, go here.

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