MB Crusher Attachments Designed for Crush-in-Place

MB Crusher manufactures a line of jaw crusher attachments that will allow producers to easily move with their equipment and crush material right where they are. “If you’re working in a small or tight area, you’ll want to save all the time and money you can, especially if you need to transport material to be processed. With our attachments, you can crush it right there on-site and reuse the materials,” said Max Ravazzolo, CEO of MB Crusher America Inc. “You can eliminate huge transport costs by crushing it immediately on-site. And it will save you a lot of space in your small area.”

MB’s attachments use the hydraulic system on excavators, skid loaders, loaders and backhoes, and allow operators the flexibility to work in tight areas, difficult access locations, steep slopes and urban areas. Operators will be able to reuse materials immediately at the job site and provide a greener option in recycling materials.

The BF90.3 crushing attachment is the company’s most popular model for small to medium jobs. It is designed for excavators weighing more than 46,300 lb. It has an adjustable output and a productivity range of 16 cy/h to 54 cy/h. The BF90.3 crushing attachment has load capacity of 1.18 cy. It crushes hollow core walls, railway sleepers, reinforced and non-reinforced concrete, natural stone and asphalt into reusable aggregate materials for base or fill.

The BF90.3 crusher is one of many in MB’s product line. The smallest crusher weighs less than 1,700 lb. while its largest crusher weighs more than 23,000 lb. The company has produced crushing attachments for loaders, skid loaders, backhoes and excavators, and accommodates to a wide range of brands and sizes.

In addition to crushing attachments, MB offers trommel screening attachments, 360-degree rotation grapples and dual head rotary drum cutters for a wide scope of work, which includes demolition and excavation, road work, quarries, mining, pipeline work and environmental reclamation projects.

MB Crusher America, www.mbamerica.com, 855-622-7874

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