Help a Boy Scout Earn a Merit Badge

BoyScout MeritBadge

By Christopher Hopkins In February 2014, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) along with the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) created a new merit badge, “Mining in Society,” which studies the history of mining, the purpose of the materials, reclamation and careers. There are numerous tasks that are required to earn the merit badge but there are specifically…

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Eye Treatment Was A Reportable Injury; Miner Could Not Finish Shift

A citation issued to Northshore Mining Co. for failing to report an eye injury was upheld by the Commission where evidence showed the employee took time off from work to have debris removed from his eye, and could not work the remainder of the shift. The decision reverses an Oct. 21, 2015, decision by ALJ David Barbour (22 MSHN D-2382).

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CalPortland Constructing Industry’s First Burrowing Owl Habitat

CalPortland said it is now “perched” as the rock products’ industry’s first company to safely construct a burrowing owl habitat within one of its mining sites. The habitat is designed to support the burrowing owls – a Species of Concern in several states including Arizona – in a safe, comfortable, environmentally efficient manner.

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Cemex Operation Target of Protestors, Regulators Cemex’s Lapis Lustre Sands in Marina, Calif., has been in operation in a dredge pond on a beach above the tide line since around 1965. Its sands have served municipalities, water filtration systems, gardens and nurseries, golf courses, well drillers, sandblasters, recreational facilities and many construction uses. The California Coastal Commission, which has been…

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Schenck Process Launches App to Measure Vibration

With the vibe2know app from Schenck Process, anyone can determine a vibrating machine’s current performance. The user simply inserts a smartphone into the specially designed mount and attaches it to the equipment. The app then immediately measures vibratory amplitude, frequency, oscillating angle and operating speed, and enables the user to visualize the vibrating machine’s motion pattern.

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